Ruby and The Duke (2011)


Sunday 28th May, 3pm

Contemporary music star Duke Special uncovers a host of surprises on his journey into the life and times of Ruby Murray, a shy Belfast teenager who shot to pop stardom in 1955 when she was just 19 years old.  She was voted Britain’s favourite female vocalist ahead of Vera Lynn and Shirley Bassey.  Her record of five songs in the Top Twenty in the same week, has never been beaten.  She dominated the charts as well as the new medium of television.
But 1955 also marked the arrival of rock ‘n’ roll, Bill Haley and Elvis.  The ‘new’ music killed Ruby’s career as a superstar, as quickly as it had begun.
Duke Special (aka Peter Wilson) follows her roller-coaster life, and reveals how Ruby, one of the most-recognised faces in Britain in the fifties, died in obscurity, an alcoholic, in 1996.
“This was a real voyage of discovery for me”, he says.  “Like so many of my generation, I’d heard the name, Ruby Murray, but knew little about her.  What I unearthed was an incredible life story, a journey from the very top to the bottom, and I’ve become captivated by singer who had a remarkable capacity to touch an audience, and whose legacy should be cherished.”

Director: Michael Beattie
Stars: Peter Wilson

“Fascinating, comprehensive and superbly-made documentary.” Irish Times
“Affectionate, poignant documentary...a lovely film, as gentle as the young Ruby's voice.” Irish Herald
“Charming and poignant moments along the way.”  Irish Independent

Tickets £4

Part of Women's Work, in partnership with Oh Yeah Centre