Future Strand


Strand Arts Centre is currently midway through a fundraising campaign to secure the £4m required to totally transform both the customer experience and potential uses for the building, but at the same time preserving and making a feature of its Art Deco heritage.

As a result of lack of space and poor facilities, we cannot presently accommodate some of the best performers and theatre companies who wish to be in our programme; the building is inaccessible in some areas for those with physical disabilities; and we are not able to meet demand for educational and skills development courses and workshops.



The refurbished Strand Arts Centre will include four cinema screens showing the latest blockbusters as well as a classic, cultural and educational films; two drama/dance studios and three smaller workshop rooms; two theatres seating 180 & 250 with a diverse programme of live performances throughout the year; and a café/bar fronting the Holywood Road.

The new building will be a thriving community space all day and evening, attracting audiences of all ages.