Strand Arts Centre - Our Vision

We want to save something precious and old – by transforming it into something new and immensely valuable, for the whole community.

Our mission is to restore the Strand in a way that maximises its heritage value and enables the development of a high quality, sustainable, creative arts space that builds on its film foundations and encourages all citizens to enjoy a range of art forms in a way that brings positive and demonstrable economic and social benefits to East Belfast.

Strand Arts Centre Belfast

Purpose of the Strand Arts Centre

  • The Strand is not viable as a commercial cinema, the potential alternative to creating a sustainable arts centre would be a derelict building or demolishing and redeveloping the site for alternative use.
  • The Strand Arts Centre was established as a charity in April 2013 with support from local stakeholders to prevent dereliction and meet an evidenced need for additional arts provision.
  • Strand Arts Centre has introduced a diversification of arts events and activities to an area previously under-serviced.  Highlights to date include a 3-week youth theatre summer school, weekly Silver Screenings for older people and a number of film making workshops. Activity to date demonstrates an appetite for the offer and a high positive social impact.
  • There is no other dedicated multi-arts centre in East Belfast.
  • There are few totally inclusive shared-spaces for the diverse community of East Belfast.
Strand Arts Centre Screen 2

Our Aims

  • to enhance the arts culture and heritage offer in east Belfast
  • to deliver a diverse programme of creative and cultural activity as a means to improve social mobility and quality of life
  • to create a popular creative arts hub which is a shared space for all East Belfast communities
  • to preserve the heritage of the building (the oldest cinema in Northern Ireland)
  • to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Strand Arts Centre
Strand Arts Centre in the 1950s