Stranded! – One of Us is a Robot
Live Events, Stranded


15th February, 8pm

Tickets £6

Concerned about the impending insurrection of sentient AI? Come terminate one with your own stupid hands then! One of these two is a robot trying to slip into YOUR society with “relatable material” but who is it? The only comedy show flexible on murder!

It’s Robbie McShane and Mary Flanigan and one of them is a goddamn robot. Are you going to let them get away with that? Both Mary and Robbie think they’re the human one but only one of them is right.

Put on trial kangaroo court style, Robbie and Mary will each be doing half an hour of their most relatable material (everything from dating to families to the trials and tribulations of upgrading your operating system) to prove they are in fact human. Then the audience votes, and watches their choice be terminated onstage regardless of whether or not the correct choice was chosen. Can you figure out which is machine and which is mankind? You could avert the robot apocalypse or bring it to fruition. It’s in your hands, all of humanity, so come on down!

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Fri 15th February