The Movie Poster Clear Out Of The Year

On Cinema Day (28th August) the Strand will be having a massive clear out of movie posters.

We have hundreds to choose from and will be selling on a genre-by-genre basis throughout the day.

Support your local Arts Centre// All proceeds from this sale will go back into programming and events.


The sale will be split into two sections, the general sale and the lucky-poster-dip

The general sale: Auction Style

Lot 1: Kids/Teen: 10.30am-12.00

Lot 2: Drama/Comedy/Action (including Art House titles) 1-3pm (titles beginning a-m- not sold in alphabetical order)

Lot 3: Drama/Comedy/Action (including Art House titles) 4-6pm (titles beginning n-z- not sold in alphabetical order)

Lot 4: Fantasy/Sci-fi/Superhero/ Horror: approx. 7-8pm

All posters in the general poster sale have a starting suggested donation of £3, if more than one person bids an auction begins until highest bidder takes all. Customers will be given a ballot number to bid with when entering the auction.


The Lucky-Poster-Dip

There will be approximately 200 12A+ movie poster in the lucky-poster-dip and aprox. 50 kids/teens.

The lucky-poster-dip is £1 suggested donation a go.

The posters in the poster dip are all random.

Everyone is welcome.

Cash and card accepted.

People buy posters for many reasons including;
-They love the colours, the images or just the movie itself.
-They want to use them as home or business art/ decoration – either framed or as vibrant wall paper
-As gifts for movie lovers
-As an art/craft material, for decoupage or similar.
-To support their local arts centre.

All proceeds from this clear out will go back into supporting the Strands artistic programming. The posters are for the sole use of the buyer and cannot be resold for profit.

Thank you for all donations.